Available Permissions

Here is the acl for the inbox of user imaptst7:
uni10map.unity.ncsu.edu> lam user.imaptst7
imaptst7 lrswipcd

Here we have used the cyrus admin tool to login and list the ACL. The tool's use will be discussed later. Also of interest is the name of the folder given in order to check the users inbox.

The defined rights are:

  • l lookup - The user may see that the mailbox exists.
  • r read - The user may read the mailbox. The user may select the mailbox, fetch data, perform searches, and copy messages from the mailbox.
  • s seen - Keeps the per-user seen state. The "Seen" and "Recent" flags are preserved for the user.
  • w write - The user may modify flags and keywords other than "Seen" and "Deleted" (which are controlled by other sets of rights).
  • i insert - The user may insert new messages into the mailbox.
  • p post - The user may send mail to the submission address for the mailbox. This right differs from the "i" right in that the delivery system inserts trace information into submitted messages.
  • c create - The user may create new sub-mailboxes in the mailbox.
  • d delete - The user may store the "Deleted" flag, perform expunges and rename or delete the mailbox.
  • a administer - The user may change the ACL on the mailbox.