University IT Strategic Planning

NC State Belltower at nightPartners in Innovation: A Strategic Plan for IT at NC State, 2014-2020

NC State’s first unified IT Strategic Plan provides the blueprint needed to lead IT innovation and to fully engage campus stakeholders and partners in the process.  

The plan’s components  — the  IT Guiding Principles, Strategic Goals and Strategies:

  • provide the direction, tools and structure for the IT community to transform into an active and sought-after partner for creative solutions and efficient, effective services and support; 
  • address the IT-centric issues, needs and shared concerns required to weave technology into the fabric of the university; and 
  • deliver a unified and balanced approach to a diverse culture and distributed campus IT environment.

From student success to global engagement, information technology and the IT community need to directly support the university’s goals and its mission to unite its strength in science and technology with a commitment to excellence.

The IT Strategic Plan necessitates the sharing and efficient use of resources; the balancing of core, distributed and edge technology needs; and the active participation of the IT community to be integral members of IT projects, teams, departments, units and centers. In doing so, it frames the future campus IT infrastructure and positions the university to achieve its vision to emerge as a preeminent technological research university. 


The Implementation Process 

Marc Hoit, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO, has appointed Greg Sparks to facilitate the process of implementing the IT strategic plan.  Greg is developing a team that will work with the IT governance groups and campus IT units to carry out the plan.

This site will be used to provide updates on the implementation process. The menu on the left provides links to pages for each of the IT strategic plan's goals, where you will be able to find updates on specific initiatives to fulfill the strategies that will help the university meet each of the plan's six goals.


The Plan's Beginnings 

In late 2012 Marc Hoit appointed a team to develop the process for creation of the university's first comprehensive IT strategic plan. The Process Steering Team worked closely with the IT Strategic Advisory Committee, Campus IT Directors, other IT Governance groups as well as many other campus stakeholders to develop the plan. 

Additinoal information about the process the team used can be found linked from the planning process update blog and the documentation page of this site.