ResNet Troubleshooting

If your connection suddenly stopped working or has never worked, please try the following in order before contacting ResNet for help. If you can resolve your problem yourself, you'll be back online faster!

1 Reboot your Computer

  • Many problems will resolve themselves if you restart your computer. If rebooting doesn't work, shut down your computer completely, wait 60 seconds and turn it back on. Try launching a web browser in case your computer needs to be registered to the network.

1 Turn of your wireless

  • Sometimes wired network problems are caused by your computer attempting to connect to a weak wireless signal. Turn your wireless off to make sure that your computer is only using the wired connection.

2 Check your Ethernet Cable

  • Make sure that your Ethernet cable is plugged in securely to both the data jack and your Ethernet adapter. It is a good idea to just unplug it at both ends and then put it back in.
  • Try using your cable on your friend's or roommate's computer. If it doesn't work there it is likely you just need a new cable.
  • Try your friend's or roommate's cable on your computer. If it works, you need to get a new cable.

3 Try Another Data Jack (if possible)

  • If you have more than one data jack in your room, try plugging your computer into a different one. If it works the problem is likely the jack you were using. Contact ResNet and we will fix it.
  • Try another computer on the data jack you were using. If it works, then the problem is not the jack.

4 Release and Renew your IP Address

  •  see the page on ipconfig for information on how to release and renew your IP address.

5 If You're Still Having Problems

  • Contact ResNet. If you send an e-mail, please be sure to include what troubleshooting steps you've taken already.