OIT Units

NC State's Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides campus-wide computing, information and communication technology services in support of the university's academic and administrative goals. Visit the OIT home page for access to OIT Services and the latest OIT news.

Quick links to OIT units

OIT has a staff of almost 300 and is organized into eight units. Follow these links for details about the services each unit provides and the campus directory information for its director. The reporting structure is represented in the OIT Organizational Chart (PDF). For information on the creation of OIT, see About OIT.

  • Office of Information Technology
    Marc HoitVice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
    In this position, Dr. Hoit leads the Office of Information Technology (OIT), which is responsible for academic and administrative computing on campus. His website includes his biography, CIO activities, research, and blog.
  • Business Services
    Karen Horne, Director
    Business Services is responsible for the everyday business operations of OIT. Services include:
    • budget management
    • accounting
    • procurement
    • human resources
    • asset management
    • electronic technology fund (ETF) management for OIT managers and staff
  • Communication Technologies
    Greg Sparks, Director
    Communication Technologies engineers, deploys and maintains campus-wide electronic communications systems that make it possible for NC State students, faculty and staff to learn and work in an increasingly interconnected global community. Services include:
    • campus data network
    • firewall services
    • telephone system
    • email and calendaring
    • back-end CATV and video services
    • infrastructure design and installation
  • Enterprise Application Services
    Gwen Hazlehurst, Director
    Enterprise Application Services evaluates, designs, develops, tests, enhances, and maintains administrative applications and the underlying middleware and databases to help the university conduct its business. Service areas include:
    • Human Resources, Financial and Student Administration
    • enterprise system automation
    • electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • report distribution
    • database and configuration management
    • contract development
    • middleware and application integration
  • Infrastructure, Systems & Operations
    John Black, Director 
    Infrastructure, Systems and Operations configures, deploys, manages, secures, and monitors the data servers, data storage and backup systems that underlie all of NC State's centrally-supported administrative and academic computing services and data resources. Service areas include:
    • hardware systems
    • operations - 24x7
    • optical mark reading
    • infrastructure provisioning
    • core services (file/print, directory services)
    • data center management
    • application delivery
    • hosted systems and support
    • server virtualization
    • enterprise resource planning (ERP) research and development
    • system automation and integration
  • Outreach, Communications & Consulting 
    Stan North Martin, Director
    Outreach, Communications, and Consulting coordinates a wide range of activities and provides training, consulting, media production, and information services to enhance the use of technologies at NC State. The unit acts as a liaison to foster engagement and open communications between OIT and the NC State community it serves. Service areas include:
    • campus education and training
    • accessibility integration
    • publications
    • marketing
    • website design and development (tools, scripting, applications)
    • communications - internal and external
    • IT events and programs to campus
    • video production services
    • cable TV programming and support (Wolfpack Sports TV and WOLF TV)
  • Security & Compliance
    Mardecia Bell, Director
    Security and Compliance seeks to enhance the university’s information technology infrastructure and operations by implementing and enforcing industry best standards, policies, regulations, and procedures to protect and secure university environments, systems and data. Service areas include:
    • IT security and compliance
    • access and compliance control
    • organizational resilience
    • electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • change management
    • identity management and authentication
    • portfolio and project management
    • account provisioning and passwords
    • IT policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) & procedures
    • software license management
  • Shared Services
    Eric Sills, Director
    Shared Services provides a wide array of enterprise level middleware services for OIT and other campus IT organizations. In collaboration with Research Office, Provost, and Colleges, Shared Services also provides High Performance Computing and Virtual Computer Lab services. Additionally, Shared Services has systems architects for ERP Applications and Identity Management and assists with various special IT projects. Service areas include:
    • Virtual Computing Lab
    • High Performance Computing
    • system architects
    • systems and technology services
    • special projects
  • Technology Support Services
    Susan West, Director
    Technology Support Services provides a variety of technology support and consulting services for the NC State University campus community. Major areas of support include campus desktop environments; email, calendaring, and campus Web environments; enterprise applications; learning spaces; student-focused computing; and problem-ticket tracking through the ServiceNow system. Service areas include:
    • NC State University Help Desk
    • application delivery and support
    • email, calendaring and PDA support
    • ResNet
    • desktop support
    • end-user support
    • ServiceNow operations and support
    • support processes
    • Technology and Media Services Support Center
    • learning space design, integration and support
    • application testing
    • distributed support