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Note: For current information, see Unity Credentials

Your Unity ID and Password

All NC State faculty, staff, and registered students automatically receive university computing accounts and services. At a minimum, everyone affiliated with the university receives a Unity login ID and password. These provide access to many university IT resources, including computing systems, the wireless network, MyPack Portal and other password-protected NC State Web sites and applications. You may also see this ID referred to as your Unity username, user id, or login id.

Unity IDs and passwords are generally distributed to new students upon acceptance to NC State and to new faculty/staff when they are hired. New undergraduate students can find their Unity ID in the WolfPAWThis link will open in a new window system under "Application Status" (NOTE: Your Unity ID/Password are NOT the same as your WolfPAW login credentials.) You can also get assistance learning your Unity ID by contacting the NC State Help Desk at 515-HELP (4357).

Your Unity ID has 8 or fewer characters and is automatically generated from your name.

Your initial (default) password is an 8-digit number composed of:

  • The last four digits of your Campus ID number followed by
  • The four digits of your birth month and day
    • For example, if your Campus ID number ends in 1234 and your birthday is January 31, then your initial password is 12340131

New undergraduate NC State students can also find their Campus ID (a.k.a. Student ID) number in WolfPAW. Simply log into WolfPAW and view "Application Status."

New faculty and staff members can obtain their Campus ID (a.k.a. Employee ID or PeopleSoft ID) from their departmental Human Resources representative.

Contact the NC State Help DeskThis link will open in a new window if your password is not working properly.

Password Security

Your Unity ID and password are your key to many records and services at NC State. It is essential that you not share your ID password with anyone. Students should not give this information to their parents. If parents would like access to their child's personal information and student records, then there are other ways to obtain this access.

Unity passwords must be changed at least once per year as they have a 365 day expiration period. As an employee, you may be required to change it more frequently depending on your access level. Changing your password protects your academic and personal information. You can change your password online using the Unity Password Change ToolThis link will open in a new window. Before changing your password, it is imperative that you read the requirements for a new password. While these requirements may seem overly complex, they are in place for your security.

Since your initial password is generated automatically, you should change it to something that only you know as quickly as possible. After changing your password, you then need to create your User Identification and Authentication questions (UIA)This link will open in a new window. There's also a link to this utility on the confirmation screen after changing your password.

Forgot your password?

While your password should be secure, it should also be something you can remember. However, as long as your UIA questionsThis link will open in a new window are completed, you can contact the NC State Help Desk (515-4357) to get your password reset over the phone.

If you have not filled out your UIA questions, then you will have to provide proof of identity by providing a government-issued ID (such as a driver's license) to a Help Desk consultant or authorized agent in person. If you are unable to do so, you will need to email the NC State Help Desk to arrange possible alternatives.

What Can I Do With My Unity ID?

Your Unity ID and password grant access to a variety of resources and services including:

More Information

For more detailed information regarding Unity IDs, passwords and accounts please visit OIT's IDs & Accounts

Need Help?

If you have any questions about your Unity account, including when it will be created/deactivated, using your account, or any other information, please contact the NC State Help Desk:

Phone: 919-515-4357
Email: help@ncsu.edu
Online: http://help.ncsu.eduThis link will open in a new window


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