EDUCAUSE offers NC State single signon access to its services

EDUCAUSE and the InCommon Federation recently partnered to provide their affiliates single signon access to EDUCASE online resources.
As a result, NC State University students, faculty and staff will no longer need a separate user name and password to access resources, to manage their profiles, or to register for events at EDUCAUSE. They can now use their current Unity log-in credentials.
To get started, campus users will need to click the “LOGIN” option in the upper right section of the EDUCAUSE Web site (The InCommon logo will appear.) and then follow a few short steps to use NC State’s login credentials to view EDUCAUSE’s information.
A nonprofit organization, EDUCAUSE promotes the use of information technology to advance higher education. InCommon is a federation of organizations that leverage SAML-based authentication and authorization systems such as Shibboleth to provide single signon access to members’ online resources. For more information, please see the EDUCAUSE/InCommon partnership Web page.