ComTech continues work on campus IP telephony project

OIT ComTech is continuing to work to migrate the campus telephony infrastructure from AT&T digital lines to Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Phase II of this project is slated to begin this spring and is expected to be completed in June 2012.

More than 5,000 AT&T digital telephone lines will be converted, and the actual telephone sets currently used by customers will be replaced by Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) telephone sets. Customers will receive a new VoIP phone if they now have a Meridian telephone or if someone who answers their calls has a Meridian telephone. OIT is identifying affected users and will be contacting them soon. Training on the new Cisco handsets will be made available, and customers will have a three- to five-day period to gain expertise on the new telephone before their old telephone is removed. Future project updates will be available on the ComTech Web site.