OIT to block Microsoft remote desktop access

Due to a critical vulnerability in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Service, OIT Security and Compliance, in consultation with the Security Technology Working Group, will block access to service port tcp/3389 from the Internet on Tuesday, March 20. The vulnerability will allow an attacker remote administrator access to an unpatched machine.

If you need to use remote desktop from off campus, you should first connect to the VPN service. Due to the serious nature of this vulnerability, you are also encouraged to apply Microsoft’s recently released patches for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service.

Computers in Wolftech AD, managed by OIT, or that use the campus Windows Update servers will get the patches within the next week depending on the update schedule. A reboot is required for this patch to take affect. Home computers should be patched using the Windows Update. After these patches are installed, you MUST reboot Windows for the vulnerability to be removed.

For more information, see SysNews