MacTech 08142012

MacTech Group Agenda

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2:30 to 4:30 pm   Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

1) Announcements – 5 min

  1. OIT will support only version 10.5.8 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2011
  2. OIT will support only version 10.6.8 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2012 
  3. OS X versions that shipped with Intel Hardware:
  4. Vintage and Obsolete Apple Products:
  5. Apple Education Support Line 800-800-2775 use this number only. Always verify Apple Care Coverage with purchase info.
  6. OIT  does not have a  support policy for Boot Camp. & OIT  does not support Classic mode at all.
  7. Mac Collection Licenses and Media info at
  8. Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh – Managed antivirus for campus.
  9. OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates.
  10. NC Casper User’s Group –
  11. Unity Macintosh Kit uses /Users/$uid$ in the Active Directory configuration to create a local home on each machine at login
  12. Modified Unity Macintosh Installs are supported by the unit which has made the modifications.
  13. OIT supports only Apple, Intel (i386) hardware for Mac OS and software. Only unmodified iOS is supported.
  14. Please remember to check prices at to verify best price with NC State Marketplace
  15. Anyone wanting to get access to training and tools for Apple Certified Technician should register at   Email for Sold-to Account number and approval.
  16. UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI)
  17. Casper Suite Enterprise service  (Admin
  18. Interesting Note: Several web sites reporting 10.8.1 and 10.7.5 being seeded to developers.

2) Casper Suite Update to 8.6.0 – 20 min.

I have had 2 requests to update Casper Suite to 8.6.0 because of new machines that only run 10.8.  Update in the test server with 2 clients seems to be working with no problem.  Does anyone have a problem it we do the update to 8.6 on Thursday August 16, 2012 before 7 am ? Discussion.


3) Trend Micro Security for Macintosh Updates- 20 min

There is a known issue documented by Trend with 10.8.0 Mountain Lion:  OIT has made several updates to the Trend Micro Office Scan servers to increase compatibility with OS  X 10.8.0.  The latest clients to date have been updated on the download page found off the campus antivirus web-site: Trend Micro is still working on improving the interaction of Trend Micro Security for the Mac (TMSM) and the latest Mac OS X, 10.8.  An

update from Trend Micro for TMSM should be released soon that will be newer than TMSM 1.5 SP4 (build 1.5.6024). 

At this point we are  recommending that any one upgrading to OS X 10.8 remove all components of Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh BEFORE the upgrade and reinstall Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh version 1.5.6043 or better AFTER OS X 10.8 update.  NOTE: OS X 10.8 uninstalls JAVA during it’s update and JAVA is required to run Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh.  To reinstall java with the latest security patches see: or run an application requiring java and allow the automatic update. 

Removal using uninstaller

NOTE: The uninstaller may not remove all files and is known in several cases to leave behind  /Library/StartupItems/iCoreService and in some cases /System/Library/TrendMicro.  This will usually result in an error dialog on next reboot of the machine with a warning about not being able to run or not being properly installed.  These folders should be carefully deleted.  Please see the manual removal procedure to verify complete removal. 

Manual removal: 

AntiVirus Software is on the agenda for the next CAS meeting.


4) CPI Apple Bulk Buy – 10 min

Here are the dates for the next UNC Apple Bulk Buy:

Monday, Aug 27 – Start submitting your campus Apple Quotes to UNCGA

Wednesday, Sept 5 – End of collection period for campus Apple Quotes (close of business)

Wednesday, Sept 5 – UNCGA submits list of campus quotes to Apple 

Friday, Sept 7 – Apple returns approved “re-quotes” to campus and UNCGA; UNCGA sends to campus

Monday, Sept 10 thru Monday, Sept 17 – campuses send PO to Apple

NOTE: It is important this time to use the Apple quote system to build your order. The accuracy of the order and sheer volume of order is best ensured if you have an official Apple quote number on your order. If you do not know how to do that, pls contact Mike Garcia at Apple ( 1-800-800-2775 Ext 46893 and he can assist.


IPADS (not ipad accessories) should be ordered on their own separate quote.(IOW, not mixed in with ipad accessories and other item Mac or Apple items). The following IPAD discounts will apply:

   – WIFI only will be discounted $20 each if bought in a 10 pack. Apple Care for these items will also be discounted $20 if bought in a 10 pack. Applecare is NOT required for this discount.

   -WiFi plus 4G will be discounted 4% if bought in quantities of 10 or more. Ipad AppleCare is required in order to get this discount.

IPAD orders are counted toward the total UNC bulk order and gives us “credit” towards achieving higher discount levels.In the past, this process has given us discounts of 8-11% beyond normal education pricing. The discount extends to all software and accessories as

well as CPUs. Discussion 


5) Report on Casper Training last week at Duke – 10 min

Everette attended a great training session for Casper Certified Mobile Administrator Aug 9&10 at Duke.  Awesome course. Discussion 


6) New Hardware Updates – 10 min.

Catch up on latest hardware updates  Discussion.


7) Q&A   – 10 min.  You ask we try to answer. 


Next meeting – Tue. Aug 14, 2012 in Room B16-B Hillsborough from 2:30-4:30 pm.

MacTech – 2nd Tuesday each month: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun,  Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

MacPolicy – 2nd Tuesday of every other month: Jan, Mar, May, Aug, Sep, Nov.

Neither MacPolicy or MacTech will meet in July.

All meetings will be held in B16-B Hillsborough Bldg unless otherwise announced.