OIT clarifies Windows 8 support

OIT clarifies Windows 8 support

OIT is clarifying its support for Microsoft Windows 8 the current version of the Windows operating system (OS)  on university-owned and student-owned computers.

University-owned computers
Many university-owned computers are running Windows 7 or older. Workstations in OIT-managed computer labs and classrooms as well as OIT Managed Desktop workstations will be running Windows 7 for the foreseeable future. While the NC State Help Desk has some experience with Windows 8, OIT recommends that colleges, divisions and departments establish their support plans and implementation strategies before upgrading existing workstations to Windows 8.

All university-owned computers are licensed for all versions of the Windows OS through the university’s Microsoft Campus Agreement. Faculty and staff can download Windows OS by logging in to the Microsoft Windows website. Individual colleges, divisions and departments may have recommendations regarding Windows 8, so you should check with your local IT support for your unit’s recommendations.

Student-owned computers
New computers purchased by students will usually come with Windows 8 installed. The OIT Walk-in Center and the NC State Help Desk can provide support for Windows 8 as well as other currently-supported versions of Windows on student-owned computers.  

If you have questions, please contact the NC State Help Desk at 515-4357 (HELP) or help@ncsu.edu.