Get email to right recipient with Firefox and Chrome browser extensions

Get email to right recipient with Firefox and Chrome browser extensions

As you know, if you’ve ever accidentally sent email to  —  or received email from — an unintended party at work, it’s disconcerting, and can even result in a data security breach if the email contains sensitive or confidential information.

In Gmail, when you start typing in the “TO:,” “CC:” or the “BCC:” fields and multiple email addresses are presented to you, take care to not simply choose the first email address in the list. For example, if you type, “Rhonda Gre,” the first suggested email address that appears might be for Rhonda Green, even though you really want to send email to Rhonda Greene. With a number of people on campus with similar names, this is not an unlikely scenario.

Use the campus directory to confirm the correct email address of your intended recipient. You can check the directory without leaving the email composition page by installing a browser extension tool developed by Information Technology and Engineering Computer Services (ITECS) for both the Firefox and Chrome browsers. To download and install the extension, visit the Firefox and Chrome download sites for your respective browser of choice.

Once the extension is installed, clicking on the red magnifying glass icon that was added to your browser’s toolbar will open a small search window tied to the campus directory. Enter your email recipient’s name, and then use the results to choose the recipient’s correct email address before closing the window to continue composing.

If you have questions, please contact the NC State Help Desk at 515-4357 (HELP) or