Receive your NC State voicemail via your Google mailbox

Receive your NC State voicemail via your Google mailbox

Are you interested in receiving your NC State voicemail messages in your Google @ NC State email account? If your answer is yes, then you can request your voicemail messages be sent as email attachments (.WAV files) directly to your campus email address.  

To request this service, log in to your NC State Google email account and then complete the Unified Communications Services Request Form. This form will allow you to choose to:

  • Receive your voicemail messages in both your voice mailbox and your email inbox
  • Receive voicemail only in your email inbox
  • Retain your current voicemail settings

Please keep in mind that the email message (containing the voicemail) will not be associated with the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light on your desk telephone, if applicable; therefore, checking voicemail via email will not extinguish your MWI light.  

All voicemail received via email will be retained in accordance with the NC Public Records Law. For additional information on retention, see Office of General Counsel Public Records and the University Record Retention and Disposition Regulation. For additional information about this new service, send an email to