Add-ons in your Google Apps @ NC State account!

There’s a little something extra in your Google Apps @ NC State account!

The NC State Google Service Team has enabled an array of Google third-party “add-ons” to provide more features for your Google Docs and Sheets applications. You may find, for example, Avery Label useful for formatting nametags and mailing labels, Workflows essential for project tracking of reviews and sign-offs, and Kaizena convenient for adding voice comments and thoughts on your students’ or colleagues’ work.

You will receive a pop-up notice of the add-ons’ availability when you open Google Docs or Sheets. Their use is optional.

Important add-ons notes:

  • Once you select a specific add-on, you will get a “Request for Permission” pop-up box that allows the app to view and manage certain information in your environment. The Avery Label Merge app, for instance, would ask your permission to:

    • view and manage spreadsheets

    • view and manage files and documents in Google Drive

    • connect to an external service

To use an add-on, you must accept its terms of service and privacy policies. Always read cautiously and understand what you are consenting to before granting access to any information that you control.

  • Some add-ons provide free versions and offer you an option to upgrade to paid ones (e.g., LucidChart). Because Google Wallet is not enabled in the Google Apps @ NC State environment, you will be unable to purchase and use the paid versions.

For more information about available add-ons, see Bring a little something extra to Docs and Sheets with add-ons.