Stop using Windows XP by May 12

As of April 8, Microsoft has ended maintenance for Windows XP. Because Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and other patches for Windows XP, machines running the now 13-year-old operating system have become major targets for hacks, viruses and malware.

If you continue to use Windows XP without Microsoft’s support, not only do you put your own data at risk of being stolen or exploited, but you also put the campus network at risk: An infection that starts on your unprotected Windows XP machine could quickly and easily spread across the campus network. Remember, a university-owned machine that you are using at home could be exploited just as easily as the machine in your office, so work through your local IT support to upgrade your home-use machines as well.

Students, faculty and staff need to act by May 12, 2014. After the May 12 deadline, machines running Windows XP will be prevented from connecting to the campus network. OIT recommends upgrading to a modern operating system and buying a new computer if necessary. Windows is site licensed for university-owned machines, and you can obtain media for Windows 7 or 8 from Software @ NC State. Contact your local IT support for assistance with your upgrade.

If an upgrade is not possible and your computer must remain connected to the campus network after the May 12 deadline, contact your Campus IT Director (CITD) Designated Delegate for Windows XP Approval well in advance of the deadline. You must provide justification for any exception and allow sufficient time for your CITD contact to approve and submit your exception prior to May 12