2013-2014 ResNet User Survey results are available

How satisfied are you with the quality of your ResNet connection?
How many devices do you have connected to the Internet in your room?
How much do you actively use the Internet connection in your room on an average day?
Which of these paid on-demand video services do you regularly use?
Which of the following Google Apps have you used for school/academic-related tasks?

These are a few of the questions in the 2013-2014 ResNet User Survey, the results of which were released June 30. OIT conducts this annual user survey and 1,553 students who have Internet service, or ResNet, in their residence halls participated.

According to the survey, 75 percent of respondents say they are either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their ResNet connection; 84 percent connect two or more devices to the Internet; 56 percent use the Internet in their room at least five hours daily; about 68 percent regularly use Netflix; and nearly 98 percent use Gmail for their academic-related tasks.

The survey enables OIT to gauge students’ use of information and communication technology services to improve or provide student services such as wireless networking in Bowen Residence Hall and WolfTV, the student cable TV service that features a new lineup of HD channels and programming.

In the survey, students in 23 residence halls and Greek Village responded to an array of questions concerning their use of computing devices and operating systems, hours of Internet usage, social media usage, quality of wired and wireless network connectivity, NC State Help Desk and Walk-In Center services, etc. See ResNet/ComTech Surveys to view the 2013-14 ResNet User Survey results and those since 1998.