Have you enrolled in eduroam?

OIT Communication Technologies (ComTech) is encouraging the campus community to use education roaming (eduroam), a free, fully encrypted wireless service for the international research and education community that will eventually replace the current ncsu wireless service set identifier (SSID) for most users.

With eduroam, NC State students, employees and guests who have “home” certificate-based credentials can connect securely to the Internet, both on the NC State campus and while visiting any participating institution worldwide. Once enrolled locally, you will connect seamlessly to the eduroam service when you visit those institutions, without needing guest credentials.

You’ll need only your Unity ID and password to get started. Go to Enroll in eduroam and follow the prompts.

OIT’s long-term goal is to make eduroam the primary SSID on campus. The current ncsu SSID will still be available for those who can’t use eduroam, and the ncsu-guest SSID will remain available for campus visitors.