Gmail iOS app offers phishing warnings

In May, Google introduced anti-phishing security checks to the Gmail mobile app to warn users of suspicious links in emails. This security feature is now available to iOS users. Android users may have noticed this new security protection earlier this summer.

When you click on a suspicious link, Google will provide you with the following alerts:

  • A “Suspicious Link” pop-up window that states the URL may lead to an untrusted site.
  • The option to “Cancel” or “Proceed” to the website.
  • A more prominent “warning” message that will identify the destination as forgery, if the link is known to be dangerous.  

These warning messages provide you with the ability to continue to your destination, but it is up to you to be vigilant about current phishing attacks and scams. Stay aware and remember:

  • Never click on links or attachments in emails if they are unexpected or from someone you don’t know. Verify the message with the sender if possible.
  • Forward any suspicious email with an address to or call the NC State Help Desk at 515-4357 (4357). Once you’ve clicked on a phishing email, it’s too late!  
  • To learn more about the warning signs of phishing emails, visit Phishing.

If you’re not familiar with G Suite mobile apps, visit your mobile provider’s app store and search for “Google Apps” for an available list.

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