OIT phishing video wins SIGUCCS Award

Think phishing is no big deal? Think again.

About 50% of NC State’s daily email traffic is either spam or phishing attempts. Of those 500,000 malicious emails, just one phishing email can trick hundreds of students and employees into sharing their personal information or opening the gates to valuable university data. Enabling two-factor authentication, however, can prevent up to 98% of unauthorized account access by hackers.

To prove just how important phishing is to new incoming NC State students, Louise Flinn of OIT Outreach, Communications and Consulting creatively wove these facts into a well-developed animated video for New Student Orientation. For her efforts, she captured a 2019 Award for Excellence in the Short Video category of the SIGUCCS Communications Awards. 

Approximately three-minutes long, “Phishing and 2FA at NC State” explains the full scope of phishing on campus and combines real-life stories of NC State users who fell for phishing attacks with practical advice you can use to protect your accounts and data.

The video, which was developed for OIT’s “Technology on Campus” presentation at New Student Orientation, will be displayed during the SIGUCCS annual conference in New Orleans in November.

SIGUCCS, short for the Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services of the Association for Computing Machinery, recognizes “excellence in developing useful and attractive publications in a variety of media categories.”