Protect your new smartphone!

This holiday season, you may find yourself gifted with a new smartphone. While you explore its exciting capabilities, don’t forget to protect your phone and data with two-factor authentication (2FA) and eduroam.

  • Set up 2FA on your smartphone
    NC State requires all employees, including student employees, to enroll in Duo Security and Google 2-Step Verification to access many university accounts, systems and services. 2FA adds an additional layer of protection and prevents cybercriminals from accessing your accounts, even if they have your username and password. To add these services to your new phone, see:

  • Connect your new device to eduroam
    Eduroam is NC State’s only secure wireless service that encrypts your data in transmission and at rest. As an extra benefit, enrolling in eduroam at NC State allows you to automatically connect to secure Wi-Fi at any educational and research institution that participates in eduroam worldwide. Once you’re enrolled in eduroam, you will have to download and renew the eduroam certificate on an annual basis.

For additional security tips, see Protect your new devices.