WolfMeeting to get Modern View

OIT ComTech will upgrade WolfMeeting, NC State’s WebEx audio, video and Web conferencing service, beginning 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26. 

An on-demand collaboration tool, WolfMeeting allows campus users to share information and expertise from their computer, phone or mobile device without the hassle or expense of traveling.

Following the upgrade, you will notice several changes, including:

  • You can choose to view WolfMeeting via the “Classic” or the new “Modern View,” which allows you to access commonly used site controls directly from a new dashboard.
  • You can change your avatar to an image of your choosing. 
  • You can set up Personal Meeting Rooms. 
  • As the host, you can share web-based multimedia through the multimedia viewer. 
  • As the host, you also will receive a  Meeting Report Summary after each meeting. The summary provides details about the meeting, including the meeting’s hostname, the Cisco Webex meeting number, the name of the meeting, start and end times, and the identification of individuals who were invited and participated in the meeting.
  • WolfMeeting will support up to 720p video resolution. 

For more information about this upgrade, check out What’s New in WolfMeeting.