So long Majordomo2

On Tuesday, April 21, OIT and the Google Service Team will migrate the remainder of the Majordomo2 (Mj2) mailing lists to Google Groups, ending the Mj2 email manager service. This action will provide a safe and reliable email infrastructure. 

The team plans to move about 1,700 complex lists, including membership information and mail routing changes, to Google Groups on April 21. Simple lists were moved on April 14. See Email Infrastructure: Phase 3 for list descriptions. 

After the Google Group Migration

  • Web Registry will become the source for converted Mj2 lists. 
  • Google Groups will be able to have the group- or @lists naming convention moving forward.
  • Mj2 list owners and moderators will become managers in Google Groups.
  • Mj2 subscribers will become members in Google Groups.


See SysNews for migration updates.