Submit your IT Purchase Compliance requests

As the end of the fiscal year nears, OIT reminds campus purchasers to submit IT Purchase Compliance requests as soon as possible. New requests may be delayed, depending on complexity and supplier responsiveness.

OIT’s IT Purchase Compliance requires a review of all IT purchases of $5,000 or more as well as all HIPAA and Payment Card Industry (PCI)-related purchases regardless of cost. This includes new IT purchases and maintenance and support renewals for IT purchases previously made.

An IT product or service must be reviewed BEFORE it is purchased to ensure compliance with university standards and federal and state guidelines. When evaluating new IT products and services (e.g., a request for proposal submission), campus purchasers are encouraged to contact members of the IT purchase review process so that accessibility, security and integration with campus enterprise systems are part of the product or service evaluation process.  

For additional information, see IT Purchase Compliance

If you have questions, contact Bill Coker of OIT Software Licensing at or Crystal Tenan of the NC State IT Accessibility Office at