New WolfPrint QR code to provide touch-free print release

Starting this fall semester, each WolfPrint FollowMe printer on NC State’s campus will feature a Quick Response or QR code on its front panel for touch-free print release. 

OIT Technology Support Services staff will affix labels with the new QR code to more than 100 FollowMe printers starting Monday, July 20 and are expected to be completed by Monday, Aug. 3.

To use the new QR code:

  • Submit your print job via WolfPrint.
  • Scan the QR code at a WolfPrint FollowMe printer to release your print job touch free. 

To release your print job the traditional way:

  • Swipe your Wolfpack One Card; or 
  • Enter your Unity credentials manually to login at a FollowMe printer.

WolfPrint FollowMe printing makes it possible for NC State students, faculty and staff to submit a print job from one location and then pick it up at one of the WolfPrint FollowMe printers on campus.

For additional information about the new QR code feature, see WolfPrint.