OIT updates ISPA Form

OIT is requiring university employees to acknowledge and accept their roles and responsibilities to safeguard the privacy and security of university data.

OIT recently released the new Information Security & Privacy Acknowledgement (ISPA) Form, which informs employees that they are required to abide by all university policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) and acknowledge their responsibility to prevent loss or unauthorized disclosure of university data.

The ISPA Form now has privacy included in its title to reference laws and university PRRs that cover both privacy and information security; it also includes links to updated federal and state laws and university PRRs, including the Cybersecurity Incident Response Procedures (RUL 08.00.17) that details how to report cybersecurity incidents.

New employees must sign and acknowledge the new ISPA Form within 30 days of employment as part of onboarding.

Beginning October 2020, employees will acknowledge the ISPA Form annually via the MyPack Portal. The ISPA Form will appear immediately after an employee logs in to the portal, and the employee must acknowledge it to proceed further. The new ISPA Form is now available under “Personal Details” in the portal and via the Go Link: go.ncsu.edu/ispa.

If you are using a previous version of the Information Security Acknowledgement Form, please point to the new form immediately at go.ncsu.edu/ispa.

If you have any questions about the revised form, contact OIT_ISRA@help.ncsu.edu.