Share Google files with non-Google accounts

Collaboration with external vendors, contractors and educational organizations is a critical component of many business processes and research projects at NC State. Many of these external partners do not have Google accounts, which presents additional challenges when sharing data. 

Later this month, Google will roll out a new G Suite feature that allows you to share data with “non-Google accounts or visitors” in an easy and secure manner.

With this new feature, you will be able to specify non-Google email addresses in the sharing window for Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Sites and determine the level of user access: view, comment or edit. 

To access the shared file, visitors will receive an email with a unique pin code to confirm their identity. Visitors will have access to the shared file for a limited number of days. If additional time is needed, they can visit the original email and re-authenticate with the same pin code.  

The new feature provides you with a more streamlined process to collaborate with external users; you’ll no longer need to manage multiple file types or attach, download, or upload documents.

For more information, see Google’s support article, Share documents with visitors. See SysNews for details on the domain rollout.