Renew Google generic accounts by Oct. 29

Today, the Google Service Team (GST) will begin sending renewal emails to service contacts for all Google generic accounts. The renewal deadline is Thursday, Oct. 29.

If you are listed as a service contact, you can renew or submit a deletion request for your generic account via Web Registry. Be sure to work with other listed service contacts during the renewal process. You can find a listing of all service contacts for your generic account in Web Registry and update it accordingly.

To assist with the renewal process, the GST will provide service contacts with logged generic account activity such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar usage. An inactive generic account that is not renewed will be suspended and marked as removed in Web Registry; the data in the generic account will be retained in Google Vault.  

If you have any questions concerning the renewal process, contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or at 919.515.4357 (HELP).