On Campus app updates show Wolfpack pride

In the days of watchsmithing, anytime a watch maker added a new sub-dial, it made things more complicated: hence, the term complication. Today, several official NC State logo complications are available for the Apple Watch. 

Show your Wolfpack pride by adding the Block S, Tuffy the Wolf or the Strutting Wolf logo complications to your Apple Watch. Each complication provides you with easy access to the On Campus watch app. 

To add these new complications to your watch:

  • Download the On Campus app to your Apple Watch from the App Store. 
  • Follow instructions in the Apple Watch User Guide to add new complications.

Display even more WolfPack pride by adding one of the newly launched NC State-branded Apple Watch faces! To add these directly to your Apple Watch: 

  • Visit On Campus.
  • Scan its QR code with your phone; or 
  • Tap Add Apple Watch Face directly from your phone. 

New widgets have also been created for the On Campus mobile app for iOS 14 to bring you the latest information from NC State. Check out the hours and menu of your favorite dining location, get the latest university news or relax with some music from WolfBytes Radio, all with the tap of a button!

If you have any questions about these On Campus updates, contact the NC State Help Desk via the IT Service Portal or at call 919.515.4357 (HELP).