Artificial Intelligence: A blessing and a curse

As technology continues to grow and morph, artificial intelligence (AI) evolves right along with it — sometimes at a much faster pace. Take proactive measures against known risks associated with AI to protect your personal and university data. 

AI acts like a machine simulating human intelligence, often programmed to scan or steal your data. AI then offers optimized content in return. While this may appear helpful on the surface, look deeper. AI is getting better at learning how you use your devices and surreptitiously collecting any data you access and store every day thereafter.

When you use apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, you need to be keenly aware of their privacy policies; they might not be as comprehensive as you need them to be. Federal regulations exist to protect your privacy, but additional federal legislation is warranted to limit how much and what kind of data an entity may legally scan and collect from you.

Here are a few tips to regain control of your data:

  • Take a Data Detox.
  • Take a course on humane technology.
  • Get Digital Wellness certified. 
  • Create a family media agreement or a self-resolution to designate limited screen time.

To learn more about the risks of AI, visit the following resources: