Google Chat Rooms to become Spaces

In the coming months, Google will rename Chat Rooms to Spaces, dedicated places to organize group members, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. 

Spaces will bring new features including:

  • In-line topic threading 
  • Presence indicators 
  • Assigned tasks 
  • Expressive reactions, custom statuses using emojis, and GIFs 
  • Improved content search across Spaces 
  • Message pinning 
  • User roles and moderation tools 
  • Discoverable spaces 

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Google Spaces

In line with previous Google updates, Spaces will also integrate with Calendar, Drive, Chat, Tasks, and other apps across Workspace. The updated interface will feature a new left-hand navigation, which includes several of these primary Workspace apps. 

In Spaces, you’ll be able to: 

  • Create and share docs. 
  • Discuss and edit files side by side.
  • See status from your Google Calendar. 
  • Run interactive polls. 

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Google Spaces

For more information about this functionality, visit Evolving Rooms in Google Chat to Spaces to create a richer, more collaborative experience.