Connect to eduroam

You wouldn’t want just anyone to access your online data would you? As you return to campus this fall, connect to eduroam (education roaming), the university’s encrypted wireless service, to protect your sensitive data. 

With eduroam, NC State students, employees and guests can use their Unity ID and password to connect securely and seamlessly to the Internet, both on campus and while visiting any participating institution worldwide. 

To enroll your eligible device, visit You’ll need your Unity ID and password to get started.

NCSU and NCSU-Guest Service Set Identifiers (SSID)

The current ncsu SSID, also known as the Nomad wireless network, is unencrypted so it is less secure. It remains available for devices that can’t use the eduroam service.

The ncsu-guest SSID remains available for campus visitors but limits access to certain services. Do not attempt to enroll in eduroam when connected from ncsu-guest.