New Drive Approvals coming to Google Workspace

When you work on a project with multiple parties, it can be both difficult and time-consuming to document everyone’s edits and changes. Available later this month in Google Workspace, Drive Approvals allow you to streamline and secure document approvals so you can get your project done faster. 

With Drive Approvals, you can designate individuals to approve, reject, add comments, or edit your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can send reminders to approvers and set due dates. This means that you can be assured that the correct people have reviewed your information.

To request approvals in Google Drive:

  • From the File menu, choose Approvals.
  • Click Make a request from the Approvals column on the right-hand side of the document. 
  • Add approvers by typing a user’s name or email address.
  • Additional options include:
    • Add a message.
    • Add a due date.
      • Reminders will be sent prior to and after the due date.
    • Allow approvers to edit the file.
    • Lock the file before sending approval request.
  • Click Send request. 

Google Drive Approvals


  • Approvers will receive an email or browser notification once they are added to review a file.
  • Approvers can review in any order; there is no defined sequence. 
  • If the file is not locked and edits are made after the approval request is submitted, all reviewers are notified and the latest version of the document will need to be re-approved. 
  • Once all individuals have provided their approval, the file locks and cannot be edited, securing the integrity of your document. 

For more information on Drive approvals, visit Request and review formal document approvals in Google Docs.