Gradescope bubbles to the top

Over the past few months, OIT has worked with DELTA to evaluate alternatives to OpScan, a test grading tool for campus instructors. 

Gradescope, a robust product that supports bubble sheet testing methods and a variety of advanced features, was selected to replace OpScan.

Based on positive feedback from campuses who have completed similar transitions, OIT plans to retire OpScan service after the spring 2023 semester. Many instructors, spurred by COVID, have already shifted to other testing solutions.

OIT will share a more detailed plan with the campus community later this summer. Those already familiar with Gradescope can use its bubble sheet features now.


  • Gradescope training workshops will be offered this fall to provide an overview of the service and to provide campus users with information for a successful transition. 
  • For general information about Gradescope, see: 
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition plan, direct them to