Google storage changes recap

In the past year, the Google Service Team (GST) reported that Google would end unlimited storage for its education customers, and as a result, the GST would implement new storage quotas for NC State Google Workspace accounts.  

During this academic year, the GST will email Google Workspace users with detailed information regarding individual quota limits and enforcement dates. A progress bar will also appear in their Google Drive interface with account usage and overages, if applicable. The GST plans to enforce quotas over several months to ensure users have adequate time to review and address any overages. The vast majority of campus Workspace users are below their allotted quota and will not be impacted. 

Until all users are officially notified of their storage quota, the GST continues to encourage users to:

  • Review their storage usage.
  • Move any personal content such as emails, files, photos and videos to a personal account.
  • Review the type of stored data such as project notes and documents, research data and course material to help identify needs for use cases and whether any large files may eventually need to be moved to another storage service.

Reviewing all university storage services

With this and other changes impacting storage service offerings, a Storage Working Group has been assembled to provide guidance on current storage options and best practices to store certain types of data. The group will create a list of storage use cases across administrative, instructional and research areas and seek to identify appropriate storage service offerings for each use case. 

Members of this group include IT staff from the Office of Information Technology and academic departments on campus. 

The following resources are available to assist users with Google Workspace content review: