OIT to retire Andrew File System by Dec. 31

OIT continues to work with campus IT units and individuals to retire the legacy Andrew File System AuriStor by Dec. 31. 

The plan is to consolidate the current AFS AuriStor home directory with the existing NCSU drive storage and enable access for Linux systems via the Network File System Version 4. To facilitate this transition, the quota for the NCSU drive has been increased from 5GB to 20GB. The new quota for the consolidated environment will remain after AFS AuriStor’s retirement. 

Migration plans are being developed for the various uses of AFS AuriStor, including web hosting services.
Note: OIT has sent email notifications to users who have non-web locker space that AFS will be decommissioned.

AFS Web Hosting Services

To prepare for AFS AuriStor to be decommissioned, all websites that are hosted in AFS, including projects.ncsu.edu, will be turned off on Oct. 31. 

OIT has sent email notifications to all individuals who have edit access to AFS space or have a website in the environment that will be decommissioned. Users should refer to these email notices to take the appropriate actions to migrate their content off of the service.


If you use AFS AuriStor to support teaching, research, web, applications, or other activities and do not have a migration plan, contact your local IT staff personnel or send an email to the project team.