SIS, HR and Financial security access certification due Nov. 18

The University Data Management Regulation requires each campus dean and vice chancellor to review and certify on an annual basis their staff’s security access to each of these enterprise systems: Student Information System (SIS), Human Resources (HR) and Financial (FIN).

Your review and certification of user access to the systems are critical to ensure the safeguarding of university data against unauthorized use, disclosure or modification, and damage or loss. While deans and vice chancellors have primary responsibility, managers and supervisors must also take responsibility to determine the appropriate degree of security access for their employees and to ensure their compliance with access security standards.

To review your staff’s security access to the SIS, HR or FIN systems, use the following online reports:

  • Web Security Report via the MyPack Portal. Click on the NavBar compass icon (upper-right corner) > Menu > Identity Management > Security Access/SAR and select the appropriate Security Report button: six-digit or four-digit OUC level. The security report shows both active and inactive employees who are currently assigned to a specific department and have access to the systems. 
  • Web Security Exceptions Report displays individuals who have security access to your department and have either transferred to another department or have left the university.

Changes or deletions that need to be made to the employee’s access profiles for the SIS, HR or Financial systems should be entered using the SAR application in the MyPack Portal. Click on the NavBar compass icon (upper-right corner) > Menu > Identity Management > Security Access/SAR > SAR. For an individual who is no longer in your department, contact the individual’s new department to request access changes or to remove access. Department contacts can be found using the SAR Approver Lookup link at the bottom of any SAR page. 

Once you have reviewed the security access for your staff and submitted the appropriate changes, please certify your review by completing the 2022 Student Information Systems, Human Resources and Financial Security Profile Certification form and submitting it by Friday, Nov. 18.