NC State to celebrate Data Privacy Week 2023 — Keep IT Private

With every step tracked on your smartphone fitness app to the miles driven in your car, your personal data is collected every day.

Internet-connected devices — such as a smartphone, smart tv, car, Bluetooth speaker, security camera, website, and apps — create data profiles that can be used to make inferences about your socioeconomic status, demographic information and preferences. Even seemingly ordinary information, such as your favorite restaurants or items you purchase online, can be used to make assumptions about you and your habits. This information can be recorded, shared, stored indefinably and even sold.

Join us for Data Privacy Week from Jan. 22-28 to learn ways to protect your data privacy as well as safeguard university data.

This year’s data privacy program, “Keep IT Private,” features:

Attend each event for a chance to win great prizes. Sponsors of this year’s events include the NC State Office of Information Technology, the NC State Arts Program, Amazon FinTech, CampusGuard and Salesforce. For more information, visit the NC State Data Privacy Week website.