76% of university employees complete Data Security Training

Approximately 76% of NC State employees, including student employees, have completed the required Data Security Training as of Feb. 9. 

The online training focuses on cybersecurity awareness topics critical to the university, such as phishing, data classification and mobile device security; it is one of many IT resources that can help reduce human error — the leading cause of compromised systems.

The largest groups who are non-compliant include those with “no pay accounts” (e.g., visitors, contractors, retirees) and temporary and student workers. NC State employees provide the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks that target the entire campus community and are encouraged to complete the annual training. 


  • Can access the training via the REPORTER course management system. See the Upcoming Course Section. New hires will be contacted via email or can register for the training via the Onboarding Checklist in the MyPack Portal.
  • Will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully reviewing the material. Completion will also be recorded in REPORTER as part of their required training portfolio. 
  • Will receive, along with their supervisor, email reminders until they have completed the training module.


  • Must verify that their employees have completed the training module. See Reviewing Compliance Warnings for detailed instructions on viewing training records in REPORTER.
  • Will continue to be copied on email reminders for their employees who have not completed the training.


If you have questions about the Data Security Training, contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or call 919.515.HELP (4357).