Join IT Accessibility Working Group

A leader in digital accessibility efforts in higher education, NC State is looking for individuals to join the IT Accessibility Working Group (ITAWG) to continue to shape the accessibility landscape on campus. 

Focus and Scope

The ITAWG is the driving force behind the university-wide IT accessibility strategy. Since 2004, its mission has been to advocate for developing, designing and procuring accessible IT resources and course materials, aligning with NC State’s Information and Communication Technology Accessibility regulation. At the core of its efforts is the aspiration to cultivate a culture of access and inclusion for all, with a particular emphasis on individuals with disabilities.


As an ITAWG member, you will actively contribute to the following responsibilities:

  • Identifying core risk areas: Collaborate with fellow members to identify core risk areas related to IT accessibility and play a pivotal role in setting goals to address these areas effectively.
  • Addressing common accessibility issues: Work collectively to identify and address common accessibility issues surrounding university technologies and course materials, ensuring a more inclusive digital environment.
  • Staying current on legislation and standards: Stay abreast of the latest legislation and standards related to accessibility, providing essential guidance and recommendations for policy, best practices and resources for the university community.
  • Making recommendations: Offer your insights and recommendations to governance channels on strategies and resources needed to deploy effective accessibility solutions across the university.
  • Evaluating and recommending training resources: Contribute to evaluating and recommending accessibility training and support resources for faculty and staff, fostering a well-equipped community to create accessible content.

Your participation in the ITAWG will enrich the university’s collaborative efforts and contribute significantly to creating a more inclusive and accessible environment. The next quarterly ITAWG meeting will be held in late January.

If you are interested in joining the workgroup or learning more about the group’s ongoing projects, email Rebecca Sitton, IT accessibility coordinator, at