Cloud Services at NC State

At NC State, we continue to leverage cloud services to meet our business requirements. We have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy, based on our requirements and current investment. Our plan is to utilize our data center resources, especially in terms of our infrastructure services where it makes sense. And evaluate best in breed and requirements for other services. There are also other pragmatic considerations when making a decision, like recurring funds versus one-time funds.

Preferred Cloud Providers

The current preferred providers for cloud services are:

Agreements are in place with these providers for cloud services (terms and conditions have already been reviewed and approved) including discounts on services.  There is also existence of ComTech managed VPN connections to these providers.

Cloud Service Objectives

  • Easy and accelerated cloud onboarding process
  • Security : authentication, secure landing zone, logging and auditing, etc
  • Consulting and best practices
  • Connectivity to Cloud providers
  • Billing and cost management

Cloud Onboarding process

Cloud services can be requested through the Cloud Service Request Form. Cloud requests usually are about consultation for a project or to onboard some project onto the cloud (or both)