ServiceNow is an IT Service Management platform used to organize and streamline a number of IT processes and services for campus. ServiceNow provides support for Incident and Request Management, campus Knowledge bases, Change Management, and a number of supplementary security and risk assessment tools.

ServiceNow is also the interface for the NC State IT Service Portal, which includes access to end-user request and incident information, knowledge articles, status of services, outage and announcements, and campus IT system tools.

View the Portal at

Getting Started with ServiceNow

If you’re looking for general information about the ServiceNow platform and what it can provide, or need help with licensing, please email

ServiceNow Platform Basics

NC State is currently running the “Rome” version of ServiceNow. You can find excellent documentation from ServiceNow on each version of the platform:

Below are video tutorials on some basic ServiceNow features and functionality:

Campus ServiceNow Training

Training is available for classes listed below:

LinkedIn Learning

Campus has a license for LinkedIn Learning, which has numerous ServiceNow courses available. While some are quite long, they offer a nice cross-section of training on common tasks and tools, and perspectives at various skill levels. Start with “Learning ServiceNow.”

Development in ServiceNow

If you’re interested in exploring the ServiceNow features and functionality, you may want to consider playing in our Sandbox environment. Use the portal to learn more and request access to the environment.

If you’re interested in doing development in ServiceNow there are several steps to complete prior to being granted the required access. Please read more about these requirements in the portal.