Communication Technologies

Communication Technologies (ComTech) serves as the telephony, cable television, and network service provider for the NC State University community. This unit, headed by Assistant Vice-Chancellor Greg Sparks, is responsible for designing, maintaining, and supporting the campus voice, video, and data network infrastructures and all associated components.

Systems & Development

Team leader and director: Josh Jury

Services provided by this team include:

Unified Communications (Business Communication Systems)

  • Engineering and System Administration of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Suite
  • Unified Communication solutions, development, design, testing, and support
  • Cisco IP telephony environment
  • CVM Nortel telephone switch
  • Campus voicemail system
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Presence
  • Voice Mobility
  • Virtual meeting spaces
  • 24/7 Support of enterprise real-time communications infrastructure

Network Monitoring & Management Systems Development

  • CiscoWorks
  • NetDisco
  • Nucleus
  • Custom network-related tools for campus IT system administration tasks (patching, backup, and storage)
  • Network, UC, and Business Tools DevOps

Software Development

  • iTRACS
  • EPIC development
  • ELM
  • Sandbox
  • Call Center App DevOps
  • Infrastructure records management

Business Management/Operations Systems

  • PCR 360 – ComTech Telecom and IT Billing Customer Center
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Training

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Network Services

Team leader and director: Greg James

Services provided by this team include:

  • Design, configuration, and maintenance of all campus networking equipment, including routers, switches, wireless network, firewalls, VoIP, access to the Internet, VPN service, IP host registration, and DHCP/DNS services
  • Network Operations Center is staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to service customer network problems
  • Supports and maintains the campus telephony system by handling adds, moves, changes, and troubles
  • Campus voice mail support
  • Datacenter Management and operations – 24×7
  • Batch and EDI processing
  • Report archive and distribution

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Engineering & Technology

Team leader and director: Jason Proctor

Services provided by this team include:

  • Planning, design, and construction of all physical layer infrastructure across campus
  • Design and construction of wireless infrastructure
  • Consulting with university departments to meet infrastructure and connectivity needs (including coordination with Facilities for on-campus construction projects)
  • Design of network access (layer 2) implementations
  • Keep accurate infrastructure records data and make that data available to the campus
  • Providing mechanisms for Centennial Campus partners to obtain needed communication and network services
  • Creation and maintenance of campus design standards related to communications infrastructure

Help for Designers of Communications Infrastructure
The following information is designed for architects, engineers, and contractors who are designing and installing communications infrastructure on the NC State campus.
Campus Building Designs

All new university buildings will be wired according to the University Wiring Standard (UWS) 3.0. The pathway infrastructure should adhere to UWS 3.0 in existing buildings under renovation. The cabling will match what is currently in the building.

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