Network Monitoring & Management Systems Project Request

***ComTech Group ONLY***

Do you have an idea for a project that our Development team can assist you with?

Follow the instructions below to submit a Project Request and Functional Requirements Specification and we’ll work with you to refine your plan and deliver what you need!


The ComTech Dev Project Request form is completed directly by the client and submitted to our team for assignment. The Functional Requirements Specification MUST be attached to this form before submitting it.

The Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) is a document used to specify what the client requires (deliverables) from their project. It is intended to define the scope and boundary of the project to be developed. The basic architecture and the functionalities of the system will be built on the basis of these requirement specifications. Each requirement specifies the functionality to be expected from the system. While further clarification may still be necessary, the FRS is the starting point of any project as it will help the Dev Team to build, design, and test the deliverable.

Step 1     Open the Functional Requirements Specification and download the document.
               **NOTE: This is for internal ComTech use only. 

Step 2     Complete the document and save it to your computer. (Don’t forget where you save it!)

Step 3     Open the Project Request Form and complete the fields.
               **NOTE: This form is for internal ComTech use only. 

Step 4     Attach your saved Functional Requirements Specification document and click Submit.