Responsibilities of OIT and Supported Units in a Disaster

OIT Responsibilities

  • Recommending suitable equipment for:
    • Access to the Internet
    • Remote access capability for critical applications
  • Assisting with equipment setup, configuration and connectivity from alternate location (availability identified desktop application)
  • Assisting with immediate business processing
  • Restoring OIT services within a maximum of 30 calendar days.
    NOTE: If both OIT Data Centers are disabled, recovery may well exceed 30 calendar days.

Supported Unit (Customer) Responsibilities

  • Notifying the NC State Help Desk of:
    • Additional applications to be placed in CITRIX
    • Employees requiring access to CITRIX
    • Immediate business processing needs
  • Developing alternate business processes to use when information technology services are unavailable.
  • Obtaining equipment suitable for:
    • Access to the Internet
    • Remote login capability to access critical applications
  • Relocating to alternate work location (specified in unit’s Business Continuity Plan)