OIT’s PPM Framework

The framework fulfills the function of a virtual Project Portfolio Services for Office of Information Technology at NC State. It allows project managers to review a checklist of best practice items and choose those that are appropriate for their type of project, is based on project life cycles, and developed in an iterative process. The website will remain dynamic, with tools and examples being added indefinitely.

All enterprise-wide projects go through the intake process, scored, prioritized. Once the project has gone through the intake process it goes into scoring to assess against through portfolio scoring model.


This process will:     This process applies to:
  • Ensure that OIT leadership has the necessary information to make sound planning decisions
  • Ensure that affected teams are involved in scoping project proposals
  • Ensure that detailed investigation of project proposals is reserved for those requests that are truly worth pursuing
  • Projects for which there is no established intake process
  • Projects that impact more than one Unit
  • Projects of all estimated levels of work – from the smallest to the largest projects

A detailed model of the project management framework can be found here.

For more information on the Project Intake Process, see Get Started.