AFS Space at NC State

NC State provides personal file storage for you on the Andrew File System (AFS) as well as personal space on NCSU DriveThis link will open in a new window and Google Drive.

Rules and regulations governing AFS space

You must use all of your NC State-supplied file space in accordance with the rules and regulationsThis link will open in a new window governing the use of information technology at NC State. Before you begin using your space, be sure to familiarize yourself with these, especially REG 08.00.2 - Computer Use RegulationThis link will open in a new window.

About AFS space

  • Supported by NC State
  • Backed up securely
  • Amount of free space: 2 GB, can purchase more for an annual fee

Checking the quota in your AFS Home folder

  1. Go to the Quota AllocationThis link will open in a new window page.
  2. Log in with your Unity ID and password. On this page is a table showing
    • your current AFS quota
    • your current usage

Getting more AFS space

  • If you need space in addition to what you have in your AFS Home folder, NCSU Drive, and Google Drive, you may purchase more AFS Home folder space.
  • In addition, you can purchase separate file space in a Unity locker. For details, see Unity Lockers.
  • If you have classroom teaching responsibilities, you can obtain Free Course Space.

Using your AFS Home folder

On campus

When you use a Unity lab machine on campus, this space appears as your:

  • Home directory on a Solaris or Linux machine
  • K: drive on a Windows machine
  • MyAFS drive on OS X

The path to your AFS Home folder is in this format:


Be sure to replace unityid and initial with your Unity ID and its first letter, respectively.

Example: /afs/

Off campus

When you are not on campus, you will need to use:

  • secure ftp
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software
  • Remote Desktop (from a PC)
  • OS X screen sharing (from Apple)

Restoring an item to your AFS Home directory


Personal Web pages in AFS

See WWW4 Setup for details.