Gartner ITxpo - Higher Ed meeting

Well, I was in Orlando for a Sunday (Oct 12) afternoon meeting on Higher Ed and then spent Monday at the general Gartner ITxpo conference.  In Higher Ed, the most interesting discussion was about groups outsourcing student e-mail.  Only about 10% actually had done it.  About 80% were looking into it.  Of those that had implemented, all were happy.

On the general talks - the most interesting was a lunch talk by Dr. Peter Weil of MIT Sloan School.  He wrote a book titled "IT Governance" which was an excellent description of just that - and significant research to back up the ideas.

At lunch, he discussed "IT Savvy" organizations.  The most "wow" finding was that IT Savvy organizations that also spent reasonable funding on IT had a 3.6% improvement in profit margin.  IT Savvy alone produces 2.2% and funding alone 0.1%  (this was above the mean of all companies studied).  How to apply this to Higher Ed will require further discussion.

Also met with our Gartner rep to learn what Gartner has to offer us and how we can improve the value we receive.  I will be working with OIT as well as others using the service to make sure we are getting high value.