Campus LAN Admin Tools

  • Bluecat Reporting Tool

    The Bluecat Reporting tool gives information about managed objects, networks, and groups

  • Building List

    The Building list compiles all of the buildings on campus with abbreviation, building number and address

  • Firewall Config Viewer V2

    Allows firewall administrators to view the configs for approved firewall contexts

  • Firewall Request Tool v2

    This tool is used to request firewall rule changes

  • Hostfinder V2

    This is a collection of Device Location Tools for wired and wireless devices

  • iTRACS/PLA Ground

    The Public PLA Ground is a resource that provides information about the physical network infrastructure

  • Jack Exception Management System
  • LAN Admin List

    This the current list of LAN Administrators on campus

  • MyIP

    This tool displays the IP address of your device

  • MyPhone

    This tool allows the user to control of their phones and set up call-forward and other features

  • Nomad Registration Tool

    This tool allows users to register devices on the Nomad wireless network to bypass manual sign in.

  • PCR Customer Center

    This application is used to submit requests for new service along with moves, adds, and changes.

  • Proteus/Blue Cat

    This is our IP Address Managment System which is used to register hosts on our network and manage DNS

  • Recently Disabled Ports

    This tool displays ports that have been disabled on our network

  • Switch Admin Tool

    This tool is used to request VLAN, desription and other changes on managed switches

  • Unused IP Lookup Tool

    This tool can be used to help determine unused IPs within a specified IP range

  • VPN Account Tool

    This tool is used to determine the current VPN role assigned to a customer