Campus Data Network

 Network Status

The Network Status bar that appears on some of the ComTech Network Operations (NOC) pages is a live interactive monitor of the current status of the campus data network backbone,

The monitor can signal three different values:

  • OK – There are no general network problems. However, there may be problems internal to a building that are not reflected. Internet sluggishness is out of university control, although we strive to keep you informed of possible Internet outages.
  • Device Problem(s) – A building connection has dropped. Most often this is due to a hardware failure in the building or a power outage.
  • Critical Problem(s) – A campus network router cannot be reached. (Don’t be alarmed if this is displayed. If a router gets too busy, it may not respond to the monitor’s ‘ping’ request. Staff will investigate.)
  • Network Status Tool – Nucleus

Network Information