Network Registration

Registering a Network Host

All hosts (computers) on the NC State University network must be registered with an accurate and unique IP address. If the IP addresses of two or more hosts are not unique, the machines will not function properly, and they may disrupt campus network services.

How to Register a Network Host

  • Students living in residence halls or on Greek Court must register computers connected to the network through ResNet.
  • Others who wish to connect a new host to the campus network should contact their local area network (LAN) administrators – LAN Administrator List.
  • LAN and other computing and network administrators are responsible for connecting and registering new hosts on the university network: please use this Host/IP Registration Site.

A Note of Caution

  • The network set-up of a host is NOT limited to the use of an approved IP address.
  • There are many other issues; e.g., the domain name of your host, your gateway IP number, your DNS (or domain name server) IP number, and your address mask.
  • Incorrect setting of any relevant parameter can result in the incorrect function of your computer and in disruption of campus network services.
  • Furthermore, if your computer services and security features are not set up properly, your machine may represent a security risk to you, the campus, and the world at large.
  • DO NOT configure your computer’s network connections unless you are quite familiar with the procedures and issues involved.
  • Instead, please contact your local area network (LAN) administrator for help.
  • If you have any questions, please email

Obtaining and Hosting a Non-NCSU Domain

North Carolina State University Administrative Regulations — Computer Use Section III, L states:

University computers must be registered with NC State in university-approved domains. It is forbidden to register a non-university-approved domain for any computer that is connected to the NC State network without the approval of the Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology or his designee. If such approval is given, it must be made clear that this domain is using NC State IT resources for delivery.

The following instructions outline the resources you will need and the procedures you need to follow if you are affiliated with NC State, connected to the NC State data network, and wish to receive approval to register and operate an internet domain outside the domain for use on the NC State network.

  1. Allocate a web server and support for your web content.
    • If you believe Information Technology’s Web Services group will maintain your server, this must be verified with
    • Important Note: Some individuals and organizations wish to register a unique domain on the internet without realizing this does not mean web content will automatically be available.
    • A domain name is not just a URL, and registering a domain name is not a way of obtaining web hosting services or a shortened URL for an existing website.
    • For more information, see Explanation of Internet Domain Names (below).
  2. List the domain name with a Domain Name System (DNS) server.
    • Before a domain name can be officially registered with the internet, it must be listed on an internet DNS server.
    • If the webserver for the new domain is to be connected to the NC State network, special permission must be obtained and the domain name must be listed with the NC State DNS servers.
    • Permission is required to assure appropriate use of university resources and to comply with university regulations.
    • To obtain approval to list a domain name on the NC State DNS, fill out the online Non-NCSU Domain Request form.
    • If your request is approved, you will be sent the DNS information you need in order to register the new domain name with the internet.
  3. Register the domain name with an internet registration service.
    Network Solutions ( is the university’s preferred registration service.

    1. After you register the new domain name with an official internet registration service, you will receive an acknowledgment.
      NOTE: The group requesting the new domain name is responsible for paying the registration fee.
    2. Forward the registration acknowledgment to
    3. After a few days, the new domain name will appear on the internet root servers and it will be added to the NC State DNS servers.
    4. A confirmation message will be returned to you to let you know that the new domain is now in place.
  4. Register the server for the domain with NC State.
    1. The domain host (name and IP address) must be registered with NC State through the local LAN administrator for the department or building where the server is housed.
    2. See the NC State LAN Administrator List or call 919.513.9675.

Explanation of Internet Domain Names

A domain name is not just a URL, and registering a domain name is not a way of obtaining web hosting services or an alias URL for an existing website. An internet domain is a space (or potential space) on the internet, and each domain has a unique numeric IP (Internet Protocol) address. For example, the domain has the numeric IP addresses 152.1.x.y, 152.7.x.y, or 152.14.x.y, and all the servers and services within the domain must be associated with these IP address ranges if they are to be identified and found among the millions of other internet domains.

Domain names like are easier to remember than numeric IP addresses. However, each fully qualified domain name (such as corresponds to a specific IP address. Domain names must be unique and officially registered so that the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) can match the name with the IP address. This IP address must be physically assigned to server software running on at least one computer in order for there to be an actual internet presence. Some companies who register internet domain names do offer web hosting, email, or FTP services. However, registering a domain name and being given an IP address only gives you the right to create your own space on the internet. It does not create the space or provide you with any other internet services.

If you already have a working website, then it already exists within an internet domain. At NC State, all network hosts (all computers connected to the university network) must be registered in the domain unless exceptions are granted by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Information Systems or the Vice Provost for Information Technology. See Administrative Regulations — Computer Use Section III, L.

ComTech charges campus departments a one-time fee for all new port activations requested on the university network. This charge is intended to establish a more equitable model for adding additional network equipment in the Telecom closets. For current activation fees, please visit ComTech Service Rates.

Requesting a New Port Activation

To request a new port activation, please contact your Department Coordinator to place the order via PCR360 Customer Center. If you are unsure of who your Coordinator is, please use the Department Coordinator Lookup Tool. If you are authorized to submit orders and need help, please contact support at 5-7099 option 3.