Protected Network Workflow

We have created the following workflow to help the customer understand the processes involved in the transition.


  • Customer fills out survey for VLAN requesting to be moved.  This survey needs to be completed per VLAN. Results of Customer survey will go to Customer Liaison and NOC Manager.


  • Customer Liaison will initiate a request to S&C for network scan data on behalf of Customer. 


  • Customer Liaison will meet with customer within 5 business days to discuss Customer responses.


  • After review of scan data and Customer responses, if the Customer is still eligible, the Customer Liaison will work with NOC Manager to assign a Network Analyst to manage the transition and schedule the move.


  • An after action review will take place 5 business days after the completion of the transition. Members of the review will be the Customer, Customer Liaison, and NOC Manager or NOC Analyst.